Ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS

E saiu o Ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS!

Nada como ter uma versão estável e atualizada. Segue uma pequena lista dos bugs corrigidos desta versão:

Installer Updates

* Create sambashare group and add the initial user to it (#238224)

* Permissions on some system files and directories were set wrong when installing from Desktop CDs. For users tracking the recommended hardy-updates repository, this issue has already been corrected post-install (#288479)

* Record the partition table as changed when a single partition’s file system type has changed, fixing bootloader installation failures when installing onto existing partitions (#149832)

* Fix writing of /var/log/installer/oem-id in OEM mode (#251751)

* Use the correct mirror for -security in the event of apt-setup/security_host being preseeded (#306356)

Desktop Updates

* Fix a race which can lead to a gvfs-fuse-daemon crash when closing session (#235698)

* Prompt for restarting session when installing samba to take into account sambashare group membership and the need for libpam-smbpass to create NTLM password hash (#212098)

* Fix undeletion of menu items with the alacarte menu editor (#225941)

* Stop/start anacron on suspend/resume and on power-cycle (#249220)

* Fix hang on “Loading…” when opening a PDF file (#256048)

* Fix incorrect handling of authentication cases leading to excessive gnome-keyring CPU usage (#236171)

* Fix printing to remote ipp:// printers (#258104)

* Don’t look for a Trash directory on autofs mounts (#210468)

* Fix GNOME session blow-up when using GUI to join a Windows domain (#222224)

* Fix ICQ connections in pidgin (#244591)

Server updates

* Fix race with mdadm/devmapper while looping for the root filesystem (#244926)

* Revert “TC action parsing bug fix”, which broke shorewall and wondershaper (#194623)

* Support booting degraded RAID devices (#290885)

General Updates

* Set hdparm power management to 254 for all hard drives while on AC, and 128 while on battery (note that suspend/resume still breaks this, and a more complete fix will be forthcoming for Ubuntu 8.04.3) (#59695)

* Support CDs with no uncompressed Packages files, only compressed ones, enabling upgrade to future releases using CDs (#255545)

* Conflict with old mysql 4.1 packages to ensure smooth upgrades from Ubuntu 6.06 (#208695)

* Backport cifs.upcall, to support Kerberos-authenticated CIFS kernel mounts (#236830)

* e1000 checksum recheck after reset (#60388)